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Boar's Head Deli

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Our Boar's Head™ Deli has a premium selection of meats and cheeses for every occasion. We care about your health and satisfaction, and guarantee the quality of our cuts. For your convenience, call us ahead of time to have your sliced meats and cheeses packaged and ready for pickup at our store.


White American Cheese (Real Cheese not "Cheese Food") —$4.99 lb. (was $4.99)
Gold Label Swiss (Aged Over 200 Days, Low Sodium)—$9.99 lb.
Picante Provolone (Aged Over 60 days, Sharp, Italian Style)—$7.99 lb.
Vermont Cheddar (Naturally Aged Over 6 Months)—$7.99 lb.
Baby Swiss (Sweet, Semi-Soft, Wisconsin Cheese)—$9.99 lb.



Hot Ham Cappy™ (Lean Ham Coated with Hot Italian Spices)—$8.99 lb.
Genoa Salami (Aged with Pork/Beef and Spices)—$9.99 lb.
Ovengold™ Turkey Breast (Rated #1)—$9.99 lb.
Honey Maple Turkey Breast (No Saturated Fats)—$9.99 lb.
EverRoast™ Chicken (Just Like Grandma Used to Make!)—$8.99 lb.
Buffalo Chicken Breast (Not too Spicy)—$8.99 lb.
Low Sodium Deluxe Ham (42% Lower Sodium)—$9.49 lb.
Maple Honey Ham (Pure Maple Syrup & Honey Baked)—$9.49 lb.
Seasoned Fillet of Roast Beef (Extra Lean & Preservative Free)—$12.99 lb.